Despite the continuous advocating and the campaigns which are undertaken by different health organizations, today the Zanzibar society is torn apart, it is evident that the health system has broken down.

The basic health service especially to poor and marginalized groups is in a dire straight situation. Currently, health problems have more become part of normal life paralyzing society due to its inadequate capabilities. 

It is shock and hard to believe though, but among the most challenging areas of human development in the Zanzibar, health sector takes the high position.

Thus, in recognizing the central role of health services in improving the quality of life and social well being of the Zanzibar communities, FAYO is strongly committed to carter for the need to improve the health status of the people in Zanzibar who dangerously lose their basic health care due to the poverty, backwardness and other factors.

FAYO acts positively to disentangle the overwhelming burden to the poor government that somehow fails to full fill the provision of health necessities of her citizens