Considering the issue of population growth together with the lack of employment for many societies in Zanzibar and the impact of climate change, unfortunately, many communities have to harshly sustain their lives by harmfully relying on everything surrounding their natural environment.

Therefore, natural environments and their ecosystems are experiencing major stress and severe exploitation which is the main cause of excessive environmental deterioration, a decline of both marine and continental wildlife populations, seawater intrusion and destruction of human inhabitants, loose of many animal and plant species, increasing rate of unemployment, emerging of social and economic problems among the communities and increasing rate of poverty and starvation among many families.

If that is the case, Faraja Yetu Organization (FAYO) hardly strives to enhance the conservation and protection of the natural ecosystems, environmental management plans and improve the community based environmental conservation systems. 

Another integral part of the FAYO in environmental issues is to assist the communities to engage in new environmentally sound ways to generate income and improve the current income generating activities using environmental benefits prioritized under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)