Every normal person is the witness of the reality that the issue of education is high on the global agenda. This is also justified by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) No. 4. As it is acknowledged that education plays a key role in the social and economic development of any society, quality education is a fundamental factor for the social and economic development of any human being.

In the context of education for all (EFA) and everyone has the right to have quality education, all citizens in Zanzibar regardless of their colour, race, gender, historical background and nature of their social status, should receive free, good quality, reliable education and live under reasonable educated level.

The reality is that in Zanzibar there is a lack of adequate access to quality education and eventually a large number of people in Zanzibar have never received quality education due to many reasons ranging from national to the individual level.

This is the point of reference for the “Faraja Yetu” Organization (FAYO) to take part and strongly support the possibilities of improving the provision of quality education services to all citizens in Zanzibar especially the disadvantaged ones.