Faraja Yetu Organization (FAYO) is not for profit non-governmental Organization pioneered by Zanzibar indigenous  living in Zanzibar and abroad in 2020 and was legitimately registered in 2021 under the Business Entities Registration Act No.12 of 2012 of Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar with registration No. Z0000120562 for the purpose of reducing both absolute and income poverty of Zanzibar Communities through different sustainable development initiatives. This Organization is a positive response to the existing social, economic, political and cultural upheavals that highly hold back the development of the communities like excessive poverty and starvation, disease, Drug abuse, environmental degradation, Gender discrimination and etc. Since its inception, the Faraja Yetu Organization (FAYO) has been responding to various community challenges for its growth through different financial contributions of donors and individual. FAYO has enormous experience in working with key populations in implemented various Community based interventions and programs/projects. As the result of works and efforts done, FAYO has been able to improve the delivery of quality services and therefore increases the number of community members who enjoy the optimum human services and assistance.

Our Goal

To reduce both absolute and income poverty of Zanzibar Communities and improve quality of their life and their social well-being

Our vision

To be a resilient organization of excellence which improves the social and economic development of the Zanzibar communities

Our Mission

To deliver the premium human assistance and services needed by people to grow, expand and increase control over their lives    

Our Objectives

Faraja Yetu Organization (FAYO) has a very broad recognized mandate for programming and ope-rationalization. Clarification of its mandate is based on what is provided for in its Strategic plan, Constitution and social, economic and political conditions of the community members in Zanzibar. The Organization is established to fulfill the following objectives:-

  • To increase the community engagement in social and economic development programs
  • To increase the community based environmental conservation and management systems
  • To increase the provision of the basic social services to the communities
  • To build community social and economic liberation power
  • To promote, coordinate and facilitate operational collaboration and working partnerships with other partners on community social and economic development
  • To increase practical researches and studies that encourage community development facet
  • To increase the mainstreaming of different issues into social and economic development programs

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Human rights and dignity
  • Accountability
  • Volunteering
  • Self-Commitment
  • Ethics of the Good Samaritan

Our approaches

  • Community Capacity development
  • Innovation and knowledge
  • Networking
  • Advocacy