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Modification to this field will be considered as
a financial amendment. In finance and accounting, MM (or lowercase “mm”) denotes that the units of figures presented are in millions. Thus, MM is the same as writing “M multiplied by M,” which is equal to “1,000 times 1,000”, which equals 1,000,000 (one million).

  • Modification to this field will be considered as
    a financial amendment.
  • The different status codes applicable for a placement
    are defined for a product and it applies to the placement, by default.
  • The Date on which the event took place will also be displayed.

If you have specified automatic status movement for the placement,
it will be moved automatically to the status, as per your definition. However, if you indicated that the status change will be made manually
on the placement, you can change the status manually in this screen. Even if you have defined a placement with automatic status movement,
you can still change the status manually before the automatic status
change is due. You can affirm or un-affirm, waive or un-waive a deal from ‘MM
Affirmation Input’ screen.

14.3 Viewing the Settlement Details

You can view MM confirmation message matching details in ‘Confirmation
Message Matching Summary’ screen. You can invoke this screen by
typing ‘ MMSMATCH’ in the field at the top right corner
of the Application tool bar and clicking the adjoining arrow button. You can view the MM contract details maintained in the ‘Money
Market Contract Details’ screen using the ‘Money Market Contract
Summary’ screen. You can invoke this screen by typing ‘MMSTRONL’ in the field at the top right corner
of the Application tool bar and clicking on the adjoining arrow button.

What is mm in trading?

Market Makers are brokers that act as counterparties to the trades of their clients. They profit from setting the bid/ask spread and/or commissions.

The tax scheme cannot be changed at the time
of deal processing. When entering the details of a deal, you should specify the customer
(counterparty) involved in the deal. The category of customers (or the
customers themselves) that can be counterparty to a deal is defined for
the product. Specify the code of an authorized customer who falls into
a category allowed for the product.

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There is yet another scenario, where you have defined a placement
with automatic status movement forward, but manual status movement in
the reverse direction. All the attributes of the product that you specify will apply to the
deal. However, you can change some of these attributes while entering
the details of the contract. When you specify the product, the product
type – placement or borrowing – will be displayed. At the time of saving a money market contract, the system will pass
a certain information about the money market contract to the FATCA accounts
and obligations maintenance for the customer.

  • Snapchat has a “Snap Map” feature that shows the location of Snapchat users.
  • Similarly, if an investor purchases 1 MM shares of a company’s stock, this indicates that the investor has acquired 1 million shares of the company’s stock.
  • However, I often see where those who are dealing with financing (banks and investment houses for bonds) use the MM for millions of dollars.
  • Alternatively, you can select
    the external reference number from the option list.
  • Specify the user ID of the person to whom you need to reassign the
  • You can view and process MM placement deals for which the settlement
    status is pending.

For intra-day deals, the system populates the intra-day deal date
in this field. The intra-day deal date is populated as value date +1.You
can only enter intra-day deals using a product meant for intra-day deals
(as set in the Product Preferences). For a deal with Call or Notice type of maturity, the Maturity Date
is not entered at the time of deal booking. This date should be later than the Start
Date of the product. If the liquidation date for any component falls before today’s
date, the liquidation entries (as defined by you for the product) will
be passed if you have so specified for the product. If the Maturity Date
of a deal is earlier than today, maturity entries will also be passed.

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Select this option to track receivables during manual liquidation. In case of manual payments, the system will display an override if sufficient
funds are not available in the settlement account. If you say ‘Yes’
to the override, the system will mark the fund as a receivable amount. This Spread should be greater than or equal to the
Minimum Spread and less than or equal to the Maximum Spread defined for
the product involved in the deal. If the spread you ap­ply happens
to be greater than the Maximum Spread, then the Maximum Spread will be
applied on the rate.

  • It would be bad form to mix K and MM because they are two different systems of notation.
  • You cannot reopen or process the closed match records, but you can fetch
    the unmatched messages to initiate a new manual match process.
  • Yet, often in finance and accounting, we find that this abbreviation deviates from the cultural norm that permeates most industries.
  • When setting up a product you specify the mode of liquidation, whether
    automatic or manual, for the different components of a deal.

The auto confirmation batch will use the data in the incoming message
and processes the matching based on Confirmation Rule maintained. All the initiation related entries specified for the product involved
in the deal will be passed automatically. If currency conversions are
involved, the conversion rates as of the date on which the deal is initiated
will be picked up from the Currency Table.

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The payment method defined for the main interest for the product (whether
bearing, discounted or true discounted) applies to the contract as well. The system displays the name of the specified customer ID based on
the details maintained at ‘Customer Maintenance’ level. Every deal that you enter into would involve a specific service that
you offer (which you have defined as a product). When processing a deal
that you enter into, you should specify the product that it involves.

MM Millions Definition, Examples, What MM Means

If your user profile has been granted the Auto-Auth
privilege, such a deal gets authorized automatically after initiation. Otherwise it has to be authorized by a different user from the MM contract
online screen. By default, all the advices that have been defined for a product will
be generated for a deal. However, you can suppress the generation of
an advice for a deal by specifying so in this screen.

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