Call for Online Fundraising Volunteers for Faraja Yetu Organization (FAYO)

Call for Online Fundraising Volunteers for Faraja Yetu Organization (FAYO)


Without your help and support for your fellow human beings and their surrounding environment, life will not get better for those who are in need the most. Faraja Yetu Organization is currently seeking unpaid volunteers with online fundraising experience to create and implement effective online fundraising events for the organization to accomplish its objectives.

Why Volunteer With Us?

Volunteering with us will automatically enable you to provide your urgently needed valuable supports and contributions which have impacts on the social development of the needy and most disadvantaged social groups in Zanzibari communities. Apart from your most valuable support, you will also build your resume and gain invaluable experience while helping those in need in Zanzibar Archipelagos.

Volunteer Roles

Fundraising volunteers are responsible for organizing events or other activities to raise money, creating presentations or newsletters and looking for available fundraising opportunities for the interest of the Faraja Yetu Organization and the needy people of Zanzibar. In the accomplishment of their responsibilities, the unpaid volunteers will work exclusively online, supporting our less experienced personnel in online fundraising. He/She will work 4-10 hours per week, 6-12 months.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Previous online volunteer work experience
  • Good understanding of Social media
  • Fundraising experience with non-profits/NGOs
  • Business/marketing experience and/or education
  • Good writing skills
  • Willingness to learn the new cultures
  • He/She must be able to work well with others.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Business, English, Marketing or other relevant fields
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills and creative ability
  • Experience with other fundraising platforms
  • Strong personal interest in the FAYO’s mission

Please click the “Support us” link and fill the form bellow for further information: 

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