Welcome note

Hello stakeholder!

I’m delighted to welcome you to the new established FAYO’s website. We are very happy to have you with us!

Our topmost goal here is to make sure that you are well informed about what is happening in the community and what concerns you. Having pertinent information allows you to both understand better the situation at hand and allow you to intervene with the FAYO in order to help us make the best decisions in people’s interests.To this end, allow us to present to you your new website.

It was designed by the organization stakeholders under with the continued support of Body of the Directors.

The new website offerings our new image, streamlines greatly the search for information and contains much more information than it was before. It facilitates access to information of Organization, the projects in the works, etc. In addition, we will be able to manage the content of the website ourselves without going through a third party for every adjustment. This self-management will license us more flexibility to be able to inform you and save on the management costs of the website.

We hope that you will enjoy the look of your new FAYO website and find it easier to navigate. We invite you to consult your website recurrently. We welcome your comments via email or by phone. Rest assured that your interest for your Organization is shared by the Organization and myself.

Best regards,

General Secretary


Who We Are

Faraja Yetu Organization (FAYO) is not for profit non-governmental Organization pioneered by Zanzibar indigenous  living in Zanzibar and abroad in 2020 for the purpose of reducing both absolute and income poverty of Zanzibar Communities through different sustainable development initiatives. This Organization is a positive response to the existing social, economic, political and cultural upheavals that highly hold back the development of the communities like excessive poverty and starvation, disease, Drug abuse, environmental degradation, Gender Discrimination and….. Read More

Our Focus


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Cross-Cutting Issue

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